How do I set up funding?

Funding setup is required for project creators:

Log in to your Techmoola account.

Click on My Account in Menu or go to https://techmoola.com/my-account/

Click on Funding Details tab.

Where it says “Stripe Credentials”, click on the “Connect with Stripe” button.

You have two options, create a new Stripe account (on top) or sign in with your Stripe account. If you already have a Stripe account simply sign in. If you do not, click Create new account.

You should see the message “Techmoola.com would like to connect to your Stripe account”

Next you will get this message: “We need to learn more about you and your business before you can process payments on Stripe“. This process is used to collect information about the person for Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.  The more accurate your answers are, the more likely you will be accepted.

Select your country.
Enter your personal address if you don’t have a business address.

Enter your phone number (individual or business).
If you are an individual, select the “business” type of “Individual”.
For “website”, enter a website address if you have a website or a social media page address like LinkedIn or Facebook if you do not.
In the “type of business” box, select one closest to your industry.
In the “Describe what you sell, whom you sell to, and when you charge your customers”, write that you are part of a crowdfunding platform and give a general idea of the product/service you are developing.

Answer “how long it may take for customers to receive products (Rewards).

For “Individual Details”, enter your name, phone number, home address, date of birth, social security number.

In the Credit Card Statement Details under Statement Descriptor, enter a name of a product you are crowdfunding that a funder will recognize so there are no credit card chargebacks or disputes.

For the “Support phone number” enter your personal number if you do not have a business number.
The bank account information is required to have your funds paid out by Stripe.

The following may appear on your funders card statements or Stripe email receipts:
Business name and website URL
Business email address, phone number, and address
Support site URL
Statement descriptor text
This information is provided by you when you activate your account, and can be updated any time in your Stripe account’s Business Settings.

Next set up two factor authorization for better security- either a text message or an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator. When you are done click “Authorize Access to this Account”.

When you are done linking to Stripe  you should be taken back to your Techmoola dashboard where you can click “Save Changes”.

You are now ready to start your project.

How do I set up and run a campaign on Techmoola.com?

First you need to register on the site and set up your funding options (read “How do I set up funding” for more info). Once you are done with both and have logged in to your dashboard:

Click on Submit Project. Fill out the campaign information. Pick a funding type (for more info look at FAQ). Click Save to save a draft of your campaign. You can now log out and when you log in again your project will be available for editing. Click edit to make changes. When you are done editing, click Save and Publish. The status should change to Pending. This means that we are reviewing your campaign submission.

If your project is accepted, you should in a few days get an email notification that your project is live. Not all projects will be accepted. We screen projects and project creators to make sure the project is a genuine one and agrees with the site mission.

At this point log in to your profile and click on the project link to open it. Bookmark or copy the URL and send it out to people. Remember, we help you publicize your project URL all over the web and social media but the more individuals see it the better your chances of success.

When your campaign ends, if the project is successful funds will be automatically sent to your Stripe account.

As a project funder, do I need to set up Stripe in Funding Options?

No.  You only have to set it up there if you are a project creator.

What do I put in my project description?

Your project description is your time to shine. Tell the potential funders about yourself, your background, why you are creating this project, any expected difficulties you might encounter, and what they can expect. This information will go out to the world and be your business card which may well be looked at for years if your project is successful. Give all the information you feel is necessary to peak peoples interest. You can include photos if you feel they would help and if you have a video, even better, do not forget to include it in the video link.

How do I make funders trust me?

Be transparent. Include as many links to your product, company, reviews as possible.

How do I do my due diligence on a project poster or company?

You can research the individual or company online, including web search, social media platforms, any links the poster provides to their site or product, etc.

What is the difference between “Keep it All” and “All or Nothing” funding?

Techmoola.com gives you the flexibility of 2 funding models. With “All or Nothing”, you only collect funds if your funding goal has been reached. If you do not reach your funding goal, you will not receive any funds. Funds will only be received after the funding goal has been reached and the project closes.

The “Keep It All” option allows you to receive funds even if your funding goal was not reached. Payments will automatically be sent to your account. Important: If you want to provide funders with rewards and would like to use the “Keep It All” model, make sure you can deliver your rewards regardless of amount of funds raised. We are not responsible for you delivering your rewards.

How do I contact the project poster?

To contact a project poster, after logging in to your account, simply click on their name on project page to see their contact information.

Can you help me learn crowdfunding?

We will be happy to help you set up, run and publicize your campaign. However, crowdfunding is a very large, ever changing field. There are many resources for crowdfunding including free ones. There are books, free podcasts, Google + groups, youtube channels, Reddit groups, and individual websites devoted to learning crowdfunding. Practice makes perfect and since you can repeat a campaign on our platform you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Are you an equity crowdfunding platform?

No. There is no ownership in the business of the project poster. There are only the listed Rewards if any.

I am not receiving my registration email or any notification emails, why?

Sometimes emails go into your junk folder based on your spam filter settings.  Please check your spam folder and mark any emails from Techmoola as “not spam” so that you may receive our emails in the future.  Refer to your specific email provider for instructions on how to do so.

What is "minimum amount" in the project setup dashboard?

This refers to price per Reward in USD.

Can I make changes to my project?

You can, before the project is approved and began.  Keep in mind that every time you make a change the project goes back to “draft” status and you need to click “Publish” again to have it reapproved.

Where are my projects?

All of your projects including active and expired ones can be found under the Projects heading once you log into My Account and go to the My Profile page.

Can you fund a project without being registered on Techmoola?


How do I collect my funds?

For All or Nothing projects, if a project is successfully fully funded, your funds will be automatically sent to your connected Stripe account after the project ends.

For Keep It All projects, if a project is partially or fully funded, your funds will be automatically sent to your connected Stripe account after the project ends.

My Youtube video is not showing in the project dashboard, what do I do?

Embedding a youtube video is a little tricky.  You need a certain type of embed code.  Here is how to do it on youtube.  Go to the video you want to embed.  Click on “Share” and “Embed”.  You will see a long embed code for that particular video.  Copy this code and paste it into the Techmoola video embed window.  Now, delete everything in the url that goes beyond the original code in the browser site address.

As an example if you want to embed this video:




You will get this code:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/CejgDSII_VA” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Now select only this part and paste it into the Techmoola embed window: