If the world of crowdfunding seems overwhelming, try our simple to use platform and let us offer help. Our site is perfect for first time crowdfunders or those seeking a different type of platform. We host a limited number of projects to provide our clients maximum benefit and keep competition low. We help inventors and entrepreneurs spread the word through social media and other channels, including Techmoola’s own community of technology enthusiasts. Techmoola is one of the original crowdfunding sites and has been running since 2011.


Our platform will have beginners to the world of crowdfunding running their own campaigns in no time. Our funding format is flexible. We offer two crowdfunding models: Keep it All and All or Nothing (explained in FAQ). Our platform also accepts quick, no-reward contributions to campaigns. Unlike crowdfunding sites which cater to more established brands and professional campaigns, we welcome anyone to submit and provide equal exposure. Remember, it costs nothing to post a project on Techmoola, so give us a try!


Use our site to give your product free exposure to potential investors and partners, and gain followers for future projects. Since we are non-exclusive, you can run your primary or secondary campaign on to get the word out to more people, reach a new audience, fund a different stage of your project, or simply get more funding. You may come back to our site for multiple rounds of funding for your project or you can do it all in one shot. It’s up to you.

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Read our Inventors, TechMoovers, and Help pages to learn more about our service and get started. Feel free to contribute to current projects you’d like to see make it. When you are ready to get started as an Inventor, fill out the project campaign page and submit it for review. If approved, the campaign will be listed and publicized. Contact us if you need assistance with your project video, 3D visualization, prototype, 3D scanning, or promotion beyond the site. We treat each project as if it was our own. Put simply, if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.

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