How it works

Crowdfunding for Technology & Invention Projects

Why TechMoola? is an online platform for startup companies and individuals to do project fundraising in the technology space. TechMoola enables inventors/entrepreneurs to raise project funding and build a support/partnership/customer base through an online forum. Crowdfunding works through a broad network of people (mostly through social media) who contribute a pool of money to support efforts of other people or companies with no equity stake or payback necessary. To date, the record for crowdfunding for a single project is $2 million. Many more have averaged $200,000 to $400,000 per project.

Unlike Kickstarter and other sites which feature “technology” but actually host design projects/products that mainly are additions/accessories to existing Apple products, we focus exclusively on novel, innovative, homegrown, American technologies.

So if you are an inventor and have developed a tool or methods that currently needs funding to get off the ground, then we are for you.

We accept project submissions in the following areas:

WebTech, Apps, Computer Software/Hardware, Energy, Communications, Consumer Electronics, Medical Technology and Sports/Games.

Why TechMoola was started:

Our company was founded by scientists and social entrepreneurs and we feel crowdfunding is the future in empowering small businesses and new inventors to bring innovation back to our country and economy. Traditional funding mechanisms like venture capitalists and angel investors have become increasingly burdensome and demanding and that is serving to stifle the pipeline of innovation that we increasingly need to bring solutions to our most pressing problems.

Our main goal is to empower people with ideas, reward risk-takers and make society better by giving people a chance to materialize their dreams through the power of crowds.

There are many inventors and technology entrepreneurs with great ideas and products that can transform society and bring a fresh breath of innovation to the devices and tools we rely on every day to have easier, more convenient, productive and efficient lives. Most startup companies “boot-strap” the initial phase of development using personal funds and after reaching a more mature stage, experience the “valley of death” where there is as serious funding gap between what is available and what is needed to bring technology to market.

Since our launch in November of 2011, has been featured in national and international press and has received nearly 600 project submissions from around the world.

How it works

Inventors UNITE!!
Fundraising for your Inventions & Technology

You are an inventor, entrepreneur, a technical wizard ready to change the world with your latest invention. But you need some cash to take your project to the next level. That’s where TechMoola comes in.

Here’s all you need to do to raise as much as $1 million or more on our site:

Sign up for a TechMoola account
Create a project and submit it (more in FAQ section)
In a few days we will get back to you if its accepted.
Your project is live. Spread the word wherever you can.

TechMoola is the place for you to find your Moola and get Mooving with your invention!

TechMoovers!! Fund those Inventions and help save the world!

At TechMoola, we’re all about the Moola. To help our inventors raise theirs, just follow these easy steps:

Sign up for an account (not necessary).
Browse the projects on
When you see a project you like, just click on the “Contribute” button.
And that’s it! You are a TechMoover now!

If you have an invention in any of the following categories and need funding to bring your project to market, then TechMoola is your answer!


  1. Help you raise from $1,000 to over $1,000,000 for your project that you DO NOT have to pay back or give equity stake.
  2. Help you get publicity across multiple web platforms.
  3. Allow you to offer cool rewards -TechTreasures- to your funders.
  4. Let’s you take advantage of crowd funding at its best!


  1. We DO allow you to raise project-specific funds.
  2. We DO post your project to gain publicity and a support base.
  3. We DO NOT have rights to your invention or intellectual property.
  4. We DO NOT tell you how to run your business.
  5. We DO NOT allow you to solicit investments or loans.


  1. Our awesome service is absolutely free to use
  2. There are no fees to submit your project to TechMoola.
  3. If selected, there are no fees to list your project on TechMoola.
  4. A flat 10% fee is collected from successful projects plus any third party transaction fees.


  1. The basic requirements to list your project are:
  2. Be a US resident and at least 18 years of age.
  3. Have a social security number (or Employer identification Number).
  4. US address & US state-issued ID (or driver’s license).
  5. Stripe account or US bank account.