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Cervical cancer kills 300,000 women a year, 1 woman every 2 minutes and as young as 17 years old. In the US, cervical cancer has been on the rise by over 25% and is second to only breast cancer in the number of women it affects and causes death and compromised fertility in. What is more shocking is that cervical cancer is nearly 100% preventable if caught and treated early. So most of these deaths can be avoided if there are tools available for early detection that then allow doctors to take action.

However, the current method of screening women is the Pap smear which is a 90-year old technique that is as accurate as flipping a coin (50%) in evaluating cancerous lesions. As a result, many women are left in the dark about the cancerous lesions they have that go on to become more serious over time and many more are falsely diagnosed as having cancer when they are actually healthy.

Women’s reproductive health is a completely neglected field of medicine, but we can change all of this by developing our flagship cervical cancer screening diagnostic, CerViva, that is accurate, easy-to-use, affordable and transformative in keeping women healthy and cancer free.

Who Are We?

Cervia Diagnostic Innovations (CerviaDx) is a social entrepreneurship company that is devoted to developing a new low-cost, rapid & accurate point-of-care diagnostic for screening of cervical cancer in women of all ages at risk for the disease. These include women who have access to health insurance but need better quality of care, but also the large majority of women around the world who have no access to healthcare including the rural, urban and working poor.

We use our profits to improve women’s healthcare and give access to those who lack it. Our company believes in the triple-bottom line: People FIRST—Planet 2nd—Profits 3rd.

We measure success by the impact we make in helping to produce a better world and not just profits.

What We Want to Do

CerviaDx is a medical technology company using creative innovations to develop a new diagnostic for screening of cervical cancer, the 2nd largest killer of women after breast cancer. We want to produce a disposable unit that similar to a pregnancy test will enable doctors to screen women onsite and get results within 30 minutes as to the presence of cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions.

In essence, our CerViva product will be just 3 steps: 
1) collect sample 
2) transfer to test unit 
3) wait for the result in 30 minutes or less. 

By having an accurate molecular test that is self-performing, rapid, low-cost and can be performed at the point of patient contact, a great biomedical advantage will be had that can improve the quality and access to cervical cancer screening across all populations that need it. Moreover, our CerViva test will be designed to perform across various environmental conditions and be environmentally friendly with no infrastructure requirements, making it ideal for remote field setting such as those in Africa and the Asian sub-continent where the burden of disease is high.

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You can learn more about cervical cancer, how it affects women globally and what CerviaDx is doing to help in this worldwide issue by visiting our website:http://www.MyCervicalTest.com

You can also follow our Facebook page and “Like Us”http://www.Facebook.com/CervicalCancerTest 

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