Make your plants live healthy and green with Plantpal!

Our Technology

If you love your plants, then the Plantpal is for you!!! Whether at home, office or outdoors/patio, help keep your plants in tip-top condition without the hassle of constant watering or the fear of over-watering your precious collection. 

Plantpal is a revolutionary new watering system that makes it easy to provide just the right amount of water to all of your potted plants. You fill the hidden reservoir inside the plant pot once every week or two and viola, your’re done!! The plants drink when they’re thirsty. You can never over water, and the plants won’t dry up while you’re away on holiday. 

Just fill the reservoir and enjoy your plants, virtually maintenance free, for up to two weeks or more per fill. 

The product is available in different sizes and shapes to fit all types of available pot plants and hanging baskets currently on the market.

Who Are We?

Plantpal is an award winning company with innovative products throughout the world. 

It has been featured on the QVC channel and sold thousands of $ worth of products within 10mins!

Our Plantpal product is patented so you can rest assured that it is one-of-a-kind. Accept no imitations!

What We Want to Do

We want Plantpal to be used in every home that keeps a houseplant throughout the US.

We need funds to help prepare us to get the Plantpal into stores like Lowes, Home Depot and WalMart so everyone has access to this revolutionary product.

We would love to have thousands of customers use our products, can you help us achieve these goals by purchasing our products in advance.

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