Revolutionary Tracker: Wearable GPS enabled 3G smartphone/watch

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A Family Solution:
Our GPS-enabled 3G wearable smartphone/watches are tamper-resistant, easy to use and fun to wear. They provide the next level of location-based services AND instant communication. Whereas current GPS devices capture GPS data once—and often inaccurately—Revolutionary Tracker smartphones have intelligence programmed into the device that confirms and further validates the GPS signals. We have pushed this technology to an even higher level of accuracy with additional self-correcting software in the user interface that samples GPS data sets, further augmenting this already precise information. Our innovative software platform is not only smarter but more intuitively designed. With the simple click of a mouse, parents with kids or adult children of the elderly can switch between a LIVE view of the individual’s location and a breadcrumb image of where they have been in the past hour or the past day. With RT devices, you can see where they all are, call them, listen in to their environment or they can call you—with the simple push of a button The result is a revolutionary way to look after, communicate and protect your family.
The software portal is feature rich and designed to capture at-a-glance details of each family member utilizing the device with intelligent dashboard of LIVE location, address detail, device status, geo-fence management, and much more. Toggling back and forth from an individual’s detail to the group is one click.

Who Are We?

I am Carrie Schwarz the Founder and CEO of Revolutionary Tracker. It has been a journey getting our company launched but as a Mom I feel so strongly that what we have developed can make such a difference in the lives of so many children, seniors and their loved ones. When I initially created Revolutionary Tracker, the technology was not available to develop the devices I envisioned. Now, a few years later we have been able to build a revolutionary yet wearable GPS enabled smartphone/watch that will change the way children and seniors can communicate with their parents or caretakers. Besides having a product full of the features that I believed were essential to incorporate, I felt strongly that it had to be easy to use and something that kids and seniors will love to wear. I also knew that the software used by the people watching out for those vulnerable individuals needed to be intuitive, accessible and easy to navigate. That’s exactly what we have built. Whether it is giving them peace of mind, helping them navigate a situation where they feel uncomfortable or in danger, or helping YOU get greater insight as to their location and well-being, Revolutionary Tracker will be the invaluable family solution you shouldn’t live without. For me personally as a working Mom it gives me great comfort to be able to know where my son is during the day and to know that if he needs me, he can call me and I can see where he is while we’re talking. 

We have assembled a team of industry professionals that are quite accomplished in their chosen disciplines that will be bringing all the elements of building the world’s first Location Based System and Communication capability that will far exceed anything available in today’s consumer market.

What We Want to Do

We want TechMoola to help us launch this innovative tool, getting it front of the very families that will benefit greatly from it by:
– finish soft tooling process
– initiate first production run
– increase awareness of this product and it’s many applications
– get real consumer feedback as to additional features and capabilities we will build into future releases


Team Members and their responsibilities

Carrie Schwarz – Founder & CEO, has spent over twenty years in the financial industry, including serving as a senior portfolio manager, founding and managing a hedge fund as well as establishing and managing a proprietary trading department for a major financial institution.
Carrie founded Revolutionary Tracker in 2005 and presently serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Carrie is on the board of Weizmann Institute of Science and is very involved in numerous organizations that benefit children, seniors and animals. Carrie resides in New York City with her son and husband. She will be the driving force behind the continued development of both product and platform keeping it user friendly to moms, dads and children alike while enhancing the over value and capabilities.

Dan Finch – COO, is creating the corporate infrastructure, heading the product development process and scheduling the initial product roll out for Revolutionary Tracker. His home base is the Chicago area where he will also manage the business development activities for Revolutionary Tracker. This includes leading the overall product development effort, locating and working with third party partners who will develop the tooling and manufacture the products in the United States, secure FCC registration and negotiate commercial contracts with the appropriate network providers.

Michael Musial – CTO, has a BS in Leadership Management/Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, lives in the Chicago area and is directing all software development as well as and enhancing the current global platform to provide a virtual cloud ecosystem linkage to current consumer and enterprise clients. His ongoing goal is to is to provide adapters to any device that can report positional data and help any follower to be informed efficiently via the mobile network.

Matt Kassin – VP of Sales has over 20 years of interactive and online technology business experience working with some of the industry’s top firms like DoubleClick, 24/7 Real Media and Valueclick. His primary focus will be to create revenue initiatives for the company, directing sales and channel development and forging digital strategies for customer outreach, engagement and retention. Matt will also be responsible for the building of key business relationships and partnerships to help drive market presence and overall product distribution.

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Our products will be entirely designed, developed and manufactured in the United States. Our business model is based on providing a percentage of every sale contribution to worthy and relational non-profits that seek to help, protect or secure the vulnerable ones in our society or just generally focus on repairing the world.


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