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Wallstreet has become an arena of manipulation, fraud and deception. This technology gives the average person the advantage to actually get into to trades before you see them on CNBC or Kramer and its too late. Think of the impact we can make by giving people a “Fair” playing field. Together we can make a difference and this technology can help people. is a research based website designed to deliver stock ideas in real time to a live audience via our chatroom/radio. We provide daily stock picks and help navigate our subscribers through each trading day. One of our products is Code Red stock Alerts and we have a patent pending process that allows us to deliver these explosive chart patterns from our website to the iphone, Ipad, Ipod within seconds. Once the subscribers receive the push notification the app opens to display the chart graphic and buy/sell parameters. You can then choose your trading platform to API connect inside their mobile app to pre-load some of the components to place the trade within seconds. This process and technology is absolutely unique with no competition. Our success rate is a stunning 78% accurate for code red alert research. All research is archived in our website and via the app to back-test our accuracy.

Who Are We?

Scott Mason

Mr. Mason was the original creator of and currently overseas all business and product development for the firm as well as the design, implementation and creation of individual products. Scott began his professional trading career over a decade ago after mentoring under some of Wall Street’s top traders. His diverse background and experience in technical analysis and trading dynamics is one of key factors to its unparalleled success.

In 2002 Scott launched Sterling Capital Management, Inc. which is a successful Registered Investment Advisory Firm focused on Fee-based Portfolio Management, Estate Planning, Trust design, 401k & 403B planning, and Insurance. Over the years Scott has built partnerships with fortune 500 companies, such as Paychex, and underscores his dedication and commitment to success.

Prior to Sterling Capital Management, Scott received his undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Central Florida. He began his financial career at First Union Bank in 1998 where he received his at Huntington Bank responsible for branch production, investment training, client relationships, branch audits, and community development.

What We Want to Do

We seek funding to expand our technology to droid and other smart phone technology. In addition, we need to build new app structures for Code Red Futures, options, currency and oil applications for all smartphones. We also will launch a global marketing campaign to target the 160 million potential traders on all levels. Our products can be white labeled for other gurus to use our unique patent technology.

Our team is Scott Mason, Jim Hanrahan and Jason Norine. Scott is the chief strategy officer providing all research content for the website and code red alerts. Jim is content manager and social media/marketing. Jason is our radio analyst controling the trading virtual room screen sharing and providing commentary on all trades.

Learn More

We are currently seeking a licensing contract with pebbles watch company to be able to get code red alerts on their tech watches. we can also provide give aways for supporters of a “Wallstreet Watch” and annual free memberships to our code red service. Our app is a monthly fee of $4.99 for all subscribers with an option to prepay for 6 months and a year at a slight discount. This technology is already on the market and can be downloaded by searching stock alerts on iTunes. About 8 icons down you will see the red money bag icon called code red alerts. Also check out our website at


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