Zyppages Personal Internet Posting System

Our Technology

Zyppages™ is the world’s simplest way to post a document to the internet. It enables anyone, anytime to post a document in minutes and establishes the owner’s mobile number as the page address.

This breakthrough approach enables people with no web site a simple method to develop a valuable and useful online presence.

Anyone with a mobile number can have an instant internet presence without the expense, effort and maintenance of a standard web site or having to rely on someone else.

Zyppages uses no complicated editor or mark-up language; you can create and upload in any format and change content anytime. Adding to this simple functionality, Zyppages does not require account creation. Users do not register, nor provide an email, nor create and retype passwords.

The self-published free format page can be a service description, schedule, party plan, job availability, prices, territory, or even a blog, and enables customers, friends, colleagues to easily get current details on an event, a business, a service or an individual.

Zyppages users just create content the way they want it to be seen, save it, upload and they are done.

Zyppages will be a major benefit to the small contractor, the local gardener, the stay-at-home worker or, more importantly, the billions of people around the world who make a living as sole proprietors. As of October 2011, the World’s population reached 7 billion, but ‘only’ 2.3 billion (32%) people are on the internet; in contrast, there are 5.5 billion existing mobile contracts

Who Are We?

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Zyppages is a software application development company that is developing many applications built around its breakthrough patent pending, one-step, connection engine platform that links Personal Digital Indexes™ to personal data and business profiles. The Zyppages team is composed of technical and marketing people who have experience in all aspects of user-facing software development and marketing in all industry and geographic segments.

What We Want to Do


Zyppages is a breakthrough service that can revolutionize how people use the internet to share information. We want to enable everyone to obtain an online presence for their business or personal use regardless of their economic resources or geographic location.

Instead of pushing information to users who are overwhelmed with social networks and the like, Zyppages employs a pull or on-demand system where you access the information or message only when you want it or need it. With Zyppages, you are in control.

Our marketing strategy is to get the Zyppages technology in widespread use for various applications such as:

  • Classified Ads
  • Sports
  • Garage Sales
  • Crop Prices
  • Home Business
  • Social Gatherings
  • Local Business Advertising
  • Event Details

And many more…

Learn More

Go and see for yourself what our team and technology is all about: http://Zyppages.com


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